Welcome to Zummo 2.0.

We are continuing to enhance Zummo’s internet presence.  As well as our new Website, which will soon provide new, advanced functionalities, we have also developed a presence on social networking sites.  You can now keep in touch with us directly through our Facebook page, http://Facebook.com/www.zummo.es and via our Twitter profile: http://www.twitter.com/www.zummo.es .   You can also go to our YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ZummoES  or look at our latest launch, the Zummo blog, which is at  http://www.zummo.es/100-zummo/zummoEN

Part of our Website, the 100% Zummo blog is a notice board that we will be using to update you on everything that is going on in Zummo’s world.  Not just in terms of corporate news but we will also be posting gastronomic and dietary recommendations designed to help us adopt a healthier lifestyle.

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