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Zummo Commercial Juicer – A Solution for Every Type of Business

The wellness and fitness niches provide wonderful revenue generation possibilities to savvy entrepreneurs. Having the right equipment is a crucially important prerequisite for the success of the endeavor.
If you want to start a juicing business, you’ll find Zummo to be one of the best partners. Zummo is the manufacturer and distributor of the best juicers on the market. The company has its headquarters in Spain and its products are acclaimed on all continents.
Any business that wants to get a quality juicer Dubai should give the Zummo products a try. The company has its operational office in Dubai that is also responsible for technical and after-sale support.

A Solution for Every Type of Business
Zummo has a customized solution for every type of business. Do you have a catering, vending or kiosk-based business? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Depending on the number of customers that you have and the speed of operation that you need, you can opt for one of the following:

Z1 orange juice machine: this one is perfect for a relatively small space.
Z06 citrus juicer: serves more than 30 juices per day and is once again suitable for smaller spaces.
Z14: great for establishments that serve more than 30 juices per day, this quality machine has the citrus fruit cut in half and squeezed without the inside coming in contact with the peel.
Z40 commercial juicer: an exceptionally fast machine that can process 40 oranges per minute.

Why Zummo?
Several important characteristics differentiate the Zummo products from everything else that the market has to offer:
The open-view build of the machines gives the operator view and control at all times.
The systems are multi-citric, meaning that different kinds of citrus fruits can be used to make juices.
The high yield vertical squeezing sequence extracts the most juice from each fruit.
Have more questions? Give us a call or visit our Dubai today to pick the right citrus juicer for your business.

What makes us different

Our squeezing system
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